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Came across this article today which mirrors the work I undertake with my own clients… http://wellbeing.uk.msn.com/diet/retrain-your-brain-for-weight-loss Retrain your brain for weight loss Could ‘negative programmes’ running in your subconscious be keeping you fat? How many times have you berated yourself for having no willpower? If only you were strong-minded enough […]

Retrain Your Brain for Weight Loss – An MSN Wellbeing ...

Yeseterday, 9th April 2014, the Liverpool Echo carried a story detailing my client Betty’s excellent success story… http://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/lifestyle/liverpool-woman-hypnotised-out-chocolate-6937779 Real Lives: Hypnotised out of my chocolate addiction Janet Tansley talks to the slimmer who conquered her dairy habit – and lost four stones When it came to Easter, Betty Southern would […]

Liverpool Echo Story