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by Christine Edwards on Russell Hoyles

I happily discovered Russell by accident and was so pleased that I contacted him soon afterwards. I have suffered from anxiety all my life but only fully realised this when I had a major panic attack 10 years ago. My way of coping was to eat my anxiety away, however, emotional eating is never ever satisfied, and my weight crept up steadily but I knew I needed help to curb my eating which was totally out of control. From the initial telephone contact and then meeting Russell and the subsequent appointments with him, I felt very supported and knew he would be able to help me. Talking to Russell at each clinic session, the hypnotherapy tapes he provided me with and the weekly e-mails from him with words of encouragement and support and wanting me to update him with how I was all added to my well being and progress. My anxiety is a thing of the past and on the very rare occasion when it does rear its ugly head, I have the knowledge and tools to know I can manage and control it and recover very very quickly. My previous out of control eating is a thing of the past and after all these years I recognise the difference between emotional eating and genuine hunger which has been an absolute revelation to me. I found Russell to be very generous with his time and he gave as much support and help to me as he possibly could, as a result, I feel that I have my life under control in that the anxiety and compulsive eating are a thing of the past and I have a bright future to look forward to. I will be forever grateful to Russell and would wish that anyone needing help were able to meet him and discover just how sensitively and with his care he can transform your life for the better.

by Graham on Russell Hoyles

Dear Russell,My thoughts and thanks on the last few weeks.Well, after 8 sessions where would I be without my "CHIMP?".I was introduced to my "CHIMP" after seeking help from Russell for my mild depression, anxiety and initially panic attacks. On my first initial visit to Russell he asked me to buy the book THE CHIMP PARADOX by Prof. Steve Peters. Reading this book along with Russell's therapy sessions has improved my mental health and I now understand more clearly the mental turmoil anxiety etc. was giving me.I understand how the "CHIMP" is 5 times more powerful than the human side of the brain but that I/we are the human side not the "CHIMP".With this guidance I have received from Russell and reading the book I can now manage my mental condition better by nurturing my "CHIMP" and start to live a life more fulfilling without the burden of mental torment.Best wishes for the future to Fairfield Hospital, Russell and not forgetting my friend the "CHIMP".Graham

by Geraldina on Russell Hoyles

Geraldina came to see Russell in Jan 2017 with debilitating anxiety:Hi Russell , I would like to thank you for helping me change my life .You have been honest , supportive and very professional , qualities not found very often .I continue to be amazed by the positive changes I have made , and how relaxed feel .I will continue to use the audio tapes /cds daily as part of my routine. I would like to be able to contact you again and book some more sessions if I feel I would benifit from them in the future, but at the moment I feel confident I can consolidate the skills I have learned.Geraldina

by Nat on Russell Hoyles

I went to see Russell pre xmas 2016 with initial thoughts to see him alongside bariatric surgery as I felt after years of battling with my weight surgery was my only option. NO ONE was more sceptical than me about the effects of hypnotherapy and life coaching, having had the first consult with Russell I believed there was another option aside from surgery . I cancelled the surgery and exactly a month to the date I have lost a stone . Not hard work , just a whole different thought process. Definitely tools for life and although I still have a way to go with my weight , my self esteem and confidence are through the roof & I have never been more positive . Russell is worth his or my weight in gold always at the end of an email phone or text. Cannot praise him enough. N

by Anon Preferred on Russell Hoyles

This lady came to see Russell in Jan 2013. She called Russell three years on after receiving his 16 Jan 2017 newsletter:It was great speaking with you and I'm glad I called to say thank you. Russell you made a profound difference to my life and I will always be grateful. I would like my testimonial anonymised please. As promised here it is!I met Russell at a time in my life in which I was over weight and struggling to manage my over eating. I told myself I just needed to sort this area of my life and everything else would fall into place. I truly believed that my unhappy oppressive marriage and depression would be fixed if I got Russell to help me "get a grip and loose weight".When I met with Russell he gave me the opportunity to stop and really consider what I wanted and what I wanted my life to feel and look like. This process helped me to understand that I had simply settled with a very unfulfilled life and the eating was just a symptom of my frustration, anger, boredom, confusion and anxiety. I started allowing myself permission to connect with my deeper feelings and emotions. In doing so I tuned into the feelings of isolation, anxiety and powerlessness, however I also acknowledged that I had strength and power that I had also buried the memory off. I felt empowered to change my life and that of my children for the better. It has taken me 2 years but I am now unrecognisable both physically and emotionally. I have lost weight and feel beautiful and attractive. I divorced my emotionally oppressive husband, I sort and got a senior management role and have brought my dream house. I now know that the only thing that can hold me back is me. I have allowed myself to dream big and expect bigger. Thank you Russell for helping me to start my journey and giving me the tools that I needed to continue to develop and be the best I can be!

by Tanya on Russell Hoyles

I have a few additional learning needs and Russell gave me a great amount of support in according to my Dyslexia. If needed he would allow me to have additional time in the one to one sessions.He would let me record the sessions and would email me a summary of each session to help me process the information.Also, I had telephone support if and when it was needed.Russell helped me see things from a more positive perspective and given me a new out look on life. He helps you to believe in yourself and to let go of old belief systems which no longer work for you.He helped me accept and understand my past.He helped me understand my relationship around food and was even happy to co work with a nutritionist I had been seeing.He is committed and even tailored the Hypnosis recording in according to my needs so I could make it personal to my belief system.I highly recommend him and would return if in the future I had any future issues I needed help with.

by Harry on Russell Hoyles

H who was ref by his mother A for Life Coaching and Counselling in Aug 2016... Hi Russell, 'H' is doing really well, I'm noticing real changes in him. No longer appears to put obstacles in his own way or to scare himself with thinking too far ahead. Seems positive and engaged with his plans and aims but realistic too. I'm so pleased to see him moving on this way and very grateful for your support, its made a huge difference.He's taking his driving theory test today and he's happy and confident because he knows he's done the work needed. He's itching to get on the road and got lots of plans for when he's got his licence. Lovely to see him so keen and so confident. Thanks again, A

by Sarah on Russell Hoyles

Overall down from 15st 9lb to 14st 2lb two weeks ago and feeling so much better. When first came was in a right mess, feeling sluggish, exhausted through weight and working nights and setting up a business. The hypnotherapy around sugar addiction really worked so now don’t have this at all…just leave the sweet stuff just walking past cakes, puddings etc in the store. No cravings for syrup sponge or cravings. Was suffering with thrush and this has gone.

Looked at lifestyle and made changes cutting down nights and nurturing own business which was the 'dream'. The audio's have really helped you sustain things expecially the sugar addiction and positive thinking. Things are very different now and feel very positve about the whole programme.

by Liz on Russell Hoyles

After finding out I was being made redundant in January 2016 my symptoms crept up on me. Over the following few months, I went from being a fairly laid back, happy & positive person to being very anxious, worried & teary.  I was exhausted, despite sleeping a lot, and noticed I was suddenly very anxious of things that didn't used to bother me like flying.  I had this "knot" inside me that made me feel like I couldn't breathe deeply or relax.  When I burst into tears at work one day, my boss suggested I speak to someone so I decided to look into seeing a therapist. I contacted Russell's through his website.  I did have some reservations about whether therapy was for me and whether or not this would work.  After my consultation and first appointment, I quickly felt like a weight had been lifted. I started to feel "normal" again and I looked at some of the "weird" stuff I was doing with humour instead of fear.  Russell was always happy to reply to emails & phone calls in between sessions and really worked hard to tailor the treatments to me. I initially thought I couldn't justify the cost of private treatment. However, when I thought about it, I realised I could easily justify a luxury handbag, pair of shoes or weekend away for a similar cost....and this was my mental health! Working with Russell for the last 5 months has taught me an invaluable tool that has not just helped me in the short term, but is something I can turn to if and when life throws a few lemons at me. I would wholeheartedly recommend Russell.

by Anne B on Russell Hoyles

After trying to lose weight by following one diet after another and failing, I decided to try hypnotherapy. I chatted to Russell on the telephone and he seemed so down to earth and confident that he could help me, that I decided to give hypnotherapy a try and made an appointment to see him.After just four sessions I have lost a total of 12lbs and I feel much more positive, not only in my attitude towards food, but I understand myself a lot better now and am starting to understand that weight loss is just a part of how I feel about myself. I am more than delighted with my loss achieved to date.Russell seemed to understand "exactly where I am coming from", tailoring the hypnotherapy sessions to meet my needs. I enjoyed all my visits immensely and feel much more positive after a hypnotherapy session. He really seemed to care about my progress and he stressed that he was only at the end of the telephone, should I require any help or encouragement.I am hoping to lose another 8lbs before going away on holiday in six weeks' time and I have every confidence that I will do so.I urge anyone to "give Russell a try" and I have no reservations of any kind in making this recommendation.

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