Mental Health and Coronavirus has not featured as prominently as I think it should in the current context. I know from professional experience how trauma’s like potential to become unwell, being unwell, and losing a business (as in the 2008 economic crash) can seriously impact peoples mental wellbeing. The aftermath can result in symptoms of PTSD, depression, and severe anxiety amongst others. I have been asked by existing clients to help them regarding how the deal with the Coronavirus emotionally and psychologically.

Given this I have created a new programme designed to help my clients navigate their way through the current pandemic and indeed should they be unfortunate enough to contract COVID-19, how to best deal with the psychological aspects of the illness.


Self-Isolating and Social Distancing can lead to feelings of isolation, anxiety, low mood, frustration other emotional and psychologically challenging experiences. Other impacts can be felt in terms of our physical health, our relationships with those close to us. In short the lifestyle changes we are told to make have a wide and significant effect on our wellbeing. I am offering a range of mind management, counselling, and clinical hypnotherapy/relaxation techniques to help my clients through this difficult time. MP3 Audio’s, guided reading, mental and physical exercise guidance will be available.

Contracting Coronavirus or being concerned you might can provoke fear, intense anxiety and ‘hyperarousal’ all of which are exhausting and debilitating. For some who are afflicted by the virus feelings of hopelessness and pessimism can develop. These have origins in the lack of control we often perceive when overtaken by an illness. I have created audio’s using concepts of empowerment and anxiety management which in previous work with cancer patients I and other therapists have found positive for clients in engaging them in their own treatment rather than being passive. This approach is complementary to medicine not alternative and is recognised as helpful by clinical settings.

I offer a programme of six sessions spaced over typically 3 months, with ongoing support in between. Both face to face and Video sessions are available.

Contact me now for details either by email or on mobile 07921 212728.

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