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Intimacy and Sex. A huge topic and an area of human life that is one of the most common areas of disharmony within a relationship… and for people who are alone.

Within a relationship intimacy and the degree of sexual fulfilment usually reflects the state and quality of that relationship. For example if communication between partners has become distant, superficial or even hostile and each has become remote from the other then this will impact (obviously) on the intimate side of the relationship.

Similarly if one or both partners experiences feelings of sexual disappointment over a period of time withdrawal and coldness will typically occur. Not being able to communicate, or an unwillingness to do so, will make matters worse.

To further complicate things it is generally accepted that sex often means different things to men than it does to women. Women like to feel emotionally connected before they become physically aroused. For men its often the physical side that leads to connection.

For those who are alone embarking on a relationship, and finding sexual fulfilment can be daunting and even scary.

It’s a complex topic and one where avoidance of talking, addressing issues, making change, is driven by embarrassment awkwardness and sometimes even shame.

I invite you to contact me. My work with you either individually or with you and your partner will be compassionate informed and skilled. If you are embarrassed it will subside rapidly as we address matters non-judgmentally and sensitively.

Below are just some of the aspects of intimacy and sexuality I have helped clients with in the past:

Cross Dressing; Dealing with the Aftermath of Rape; Delayed Ejaculation; Boosting a sense of Femininity; Frigidity; Increasing Loss of Libido; Enjoying Intimate Sex; Emotional Coldness; Erectile Dysfunction; Impotence; Masturbation Addiction; Premature Ejaculation; Painful Intercourse; Saying No to Sex; Sex Addiction; Sexual Identity; Sexual Enjoyment; Sexual Fulfilment; Vaginismus Vasectomy

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