In this months newsletter I have a few changes and a particularly exciting new clinic location to share with you. I will providing services at Heartbeat NW in Deepdale Preston from April. See the headline feature below.
I have also had help these last few weeks from Jamie my son in re-launching Hypno-Band Lancashire as a dedicated weight loss web site and with a campaign behind this I anticipate a good response.

Otherwise I include as normal a client story which is quite topical at this time of year re flying and travel phobias, and as will also be the norm a monthly offer linked to a charity donation! No surprise that this month the charity is Heartbeat NW.

So please read on and thank you for your interest.


Heartbeat North West Cardiac Care

I am delighted to have be in invited to offer services at Heartbeat NW at their Preston North End football ground location in Deepdale, Preston. Heartbeat is a Lancashire based charity established over 37 years ago and its purpose is to contribute to a reduction in cardiovascular disease through the delivery of services aimed at existing heart patients and those at risk of developing it. Heartbeat presently delivers clinical testing, rehabilitation, education, advice, and training to people across Lancashire.

I will complement these services by offering counselling and therapies that help Hearbeat clients address the emotional impact and effects of having a heart condition. A recent ‘Heart Matters’ magazine study of 2,777 readers revealed that more than two thirds (68%) said their condition affected them emotionally, mentally, or psychologically. Of these:

  • 77% had experienced anxiety
  • 51% had felt low, depressed or tearful
  • 30% had felt upset
  • 47% had felt scared
  • 18% had felt isolated
  • 38% had felt others didn’t understand
  • 20% felt like a different person
  • 13% struggled to socialise
  • 12% struggled to get out of bed

Experiencing heart disease can affect all areas of your life including work and relationships and can impact those around you. This can in some cases be in a positive way and I know personally how a life threatening illness and life changing consequences can sometimes help you focus on new things and take a new direction. However as we see for many the impact a health trauma or illness diagnosis is distressing. Counselling, Life Coaching, Cognitive work using a technique called Mind Management’ call all help in re-framing thinking and in dealing with unwelcome thoughts. Therapies like clinical hypnotherapy can help with anxiety, worry, low motivation and depersonalisation.

I am optimistic of making a positive contribution in this new location.

Finally on this. The Heartbeat clinic will also be available to all other clients who wish to see me in a Preston location. I anticipate a Friday clinic with other times by arrangement.


Formby Clinic

My Formby Clinic has steadily been growing and I look forward to building on the last two years. Formby Wellness is in the process of moving and I will update you on location and clinic times.


This Month’s Story : It’s Time To Fly Away With Confidence

The travel agents are busy, the online bookings are being made and we are all excited that holiday. Aren’t we? Well actually no. Quite a few of you will be apprehensive about flying, being in the car on the motorway, being on that busy train. Anxiety around travel is really very common and some of our fears are understandable and mostly within manageable levels. However when these fears become debilitating and compromise our ability to travel then we start talking about phobias. In many ways what we call these extremes of distress matters little. What matters is learning and knowing that this can be understood and overcome. I typically help clients to first understand the primitive mind and the fight or flight response and to then look at ways of managing the feelings and catastrophic thoughts from within and to then build a confidence that these can be overcome. The techniques are really quite simple and empowering.

I thought to share two anonimised stories:

Client D came to see me when planning a long haul trip to Asia. She was experiencing significant anxiety about the trip to the point of doubting she could make it. She wrote on her return:

”I just thought I would drop you a note about my holiday which I have just returned from this morning. IT STARTS OFF LOOKING BAD BUT DO READ ON AS IT DOES IMPROVE – PROMISE !!!

I was feeling great about going on holiday and very relaxed about the flight. I had my dinner on the night before going and things were going well. However, when I sat down later to relax it all suddenly dawned on me that it was actually happening the next day and I started to get a panic attack. I managed to settle down using the techniques you had shown me but after that I felt really nauseous. I was feeling no better the following morning but was determined I was going to succeed.

Then the taxi driver came to pick us up and I suddenly started to feel better. As we reached the airport I was feeling excited rather than anxious/nauseous. I managed to eat a snack at the airport and boarded the plane without event. The following 15 hours of flight went without event and I managed to both get some sleep and eat whilst on the plane. I would not go so far as to say I enjoyed the flight but I was no longer fearful of it.

Our actual holiday was wonderful and we have so many great memories from it. Not once did I feel anxious or nervous about the trip back home and when the day came to fly back the only thing I was feeling was disappointed that it was over so soon. I again boarded the plane and got home without event and am feeling very proud of myself.

Thanks for all your help – I could not have altered my thought processes without you.”

Client A was experiencing fearful thoughts about the potential for a terror attack at an airport or in mid flight. She was at the point of refusing to go on a family holiday.

I’m in America Smiling face with open mouth. Can’t believe I’m saying this but it was quite enjoyable.. As soon as I was in the air I totally relaxed! I listened to the voice clips all morning before I flew and as we were taking off! Just want to say thank you so much! I can finally relax thanks to your help!

So if you are anxious or putting off a possible trip do contact me. I promise you there are ways…quite simple ways…. to overcome your fears!


One Off Session

Last month I offered a one-off session at a reduced rate with an invitation to make a donation to Cancer Uk. This offer had a good response and I am inclined to make this a feature each month. Given my news re Heartbeat NW the charity I nominate for this month is therefore Heartbeat NW.

So this month I am offering a one off session for £75. Simply write to me and let me know what you are looking to address and I will prep a session. This can be hypnotherapy, counselling, life coaching etc.

I will donate £5 to Heartbeat and invite you to consider a donation at


Research : Fasting Diet ‘Regenerates Diabetic Pancreas

I have long been impressed by the arguments that favour fasting. The Mosely book re the 5/2 intermittent fasting makes a lot of sense to me and I tend to see it as a lifestyle choice rather than a diet. Given this my attention was caught by research featured on the BBC News Website Health pages.

The research suggests that the pancreas can be triggered to regenerate through a type of fasting diet. Restoring the function of this organ which helps control blood sugar levels reversed the symptoms of diabetes in animal experiments.

In its human form the research points to five days on a low protein, low carb, low calorie diet but one high in unsaturated fat. Around 800 – 1000 Kcal per day. This is then followed by 25 days eating normally. Essentially it mimics a famine and feast periods.

Separate trials of this approach have been shown to improve blood sugar levels. You can read the article at source by following this link:


And Finally…

Contribute… I remind you that this is as much your newsletter as mine. Your contributions are welcome and can be read by over 1,000 people. So if you have any comments, anecdotes, news to share, or an interest to share write to me and you could feature in the April edition. Contributions welcome from all parties.

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Russell Hoyles March 2017 Newsletter