An Overview

I offer a range of therapies applying over 30 years experience in mental health services, psychological interventions, and health, fitness, and life coaching. I do not subscribe to the view that one particular form of therapy alone should inform the response to a clients needs and my experience tells me that often the ‘problem’ or ‘issue’ a client presents with is often symptomatic of underlying issues, learnt behaviours, and/or subconsciously embedded negative thinking. Therefore being able to access and apply a number of ‘talking therapies’ and to have the ability to think in the moment and adapt to client need is essential.

With aspects of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Person Centred Counselling and wide reading applied the main thrust of my work lies in Clinical Hypnotherapy combined with Mind Management. The former is a million miles away from stage hypnotherapy and enables you in a altered state of consciousness when you are fully aware and receptive to accept concepts and positive suggestion delivered using visualisation, association, and relaxation techniques that interupt anxiety and negative patterns and replace these with positives.

Mind Management is around building understanding of where and when the primitive emotional machine inside ‘hijacks’ you compromising the way you live and function through impressions and feelings you would prefer not to have. By doing so we diminish the impact and control these feelings have over you and we look to build management techniques rather than relying on will power …”pull yourself together” simply does not work…. likewise ”denial” re food, alchohol, tobacco does not work.

You are a smart capable human being and by combining therapies that work at a conscious, reflective and insightful way with therapies that ‘speak to the subconscious’ we together get results.

My programmes of therapy provide a time and space for you to talk about your issues and difficulties. The aim is to help you to deal with specific problems, cope with a crisis, improve your relationships, or develop better ways of living.

The purpose of therapy in most settings is not, usually, to give advice, but to help you understand your feelings and behaviour better and, if you want to, to change your behaviour or the way you think about things. However I do give advice. I am prepared to cross the typical counselling ‘line’ and coach re lifestyle and personal issues. I will set targets, and provide a pathways for you to follow, tasks for you to work toward.

You will find me to be respectful, dependable, and motivational. You will also find that the clinics I work in provide an environments that are confidential and free from intrusion.

I offer a range of programmes I offer are mostly defined is terms of one which runs over two to three months and one which runs over six months. The face to face sessions are complemented by ongoing support in between sessions and by guided reading and exercises you are prompted to complete. Which will be the programme that is indicated for you will be determined either in an initial consultation or via email and telephone discussion. Write to me or call me in the first instance.

You can now browse the range of problems, issues, difficulties my clients wish to address. If you do not see your particular concern or area of interest listed here please do get in contact and we can discuss the potential to help you.