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    BereavementAn emotional crises and a period of upset typically follows a loss. The loss may be bereavement, the end of a marriage or relationship, retirement and loss of role and identity. It may be the ending of a career or some form of trauma that disables you and compromises your ability to function. Whatever the event many people grieve when they lose something, or someone, important to them.

    The way you will be affected depends on many things such as your age, your beliefs, your religion and indeed your physical and mental health. However grief consists of several key emotions. Anxiety and helplessness often come first and anger, even toward someone who has died ‘for leaving you behind’ is common. These are normal reactions as is profound sadness and knowing this and having your feelings validated is a key part of therapy. Going forward therapy can help you move with support into a period of adjustment and acceptance.

    You will be encouraged to respect yourself and to accept your reactions. To be patient and to realise you are ‘not going mad’ will help you along the journey; a journey which can take months or years.

    In therapy talking will help you sooth painful emotions and allow to start the healing process. You will be ‘given permission’ to have the feelings you are having and they will be validated and respected. Crying and expressing your distress in a safe supportive context such as I provide will provide cathartic, healing release of tension.

    You will be encouraged to maintain a schedule and routine sustaining a sense of control and so diminishing the potential for panic. You will be encouraged to maintain contact with others around you.

    We also look at basic lifestyle aspects like healthy eating and assist you with both hypnotherapy and mind management with sleeping and the avoidance of habits (like alcohol) that ‘numb the pain’ but which ultimately compromise your healing.

    I suggest you contact me if you have suffered a loss and you are experiencing any of the following:

    You are unable to cope with overwhelming emotions or daily life; The intensity of emotion is not subsiding; You are not sleeping; You have symptoms of depression or anxiety; Your relationships are suffering; You are having sexual problems; You are becoming chaotic and vulnerable in everyday life; or you are caring for someone who is not coping well.

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