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Russell HoylesYou have just made a first step to achieving your aims! By deciding to visit my web-site you have entered a new positive phase in your life. This is the moment you stop ‘trying’ to change. This is the moment you stop ‘using willpower’. This is the moment you start to throw away to history negative behaviours and thought patterns that drag you down.

The moment you contact me is the moment you make that decision. You Decide To Change! This is the time in your life where you start to engage in mind management. Where you realise that you yourself hold the key to change and that you can conceive of a better future, you can believe in that future, and you can indeed achieve it! Sounds too good to be true!?! Yes of course it does… but hold on for a moment… because it actually is true… and I will show you how. My work is motivational, innovative, and successful. Visit my testimonials page. Listen to my clients, read their stories, and see the truth that they just like me and you, are ordinary regular people who just happened to make the decision to contact me before you have. That’s the only difference and everything you read hear and see on this website, is entirely possible for you! My clients learnt to conceive of a better future. They had hoped, tried, wondered, desperately at times… ”Can I lose weight?” ”Feel motivated to exercise?” ”Let go of stress?” “Can I deal more positively with my cancer?” ”Manage my IBS better?” ”Overcome my phobia?” ”Stop bad habits?”… They succeeded and so will you!

By using a combination of Clinical Hypnotherapy (including my own adaption of the Hypno-Band Programme for weight loss), Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Person Centred Counselling, and by applying the latest thinking and reading around mind management and motivation, I will help you achieve your aims. I will apply my own self belief in my unique approach, and in your capacity to change!

So read and listen to the stories on the Media Articles page… My Clients Stories… see the Nigela Lawson story… its all success… its all possible… I look forward to hearing from you!

My Latest Client Testimonial:

Hi Russell,
Just thought I would let you know how I’m doing.
Well I am back on track, going to gym classes and generally building up my fitness levels nicely. I’ve also taken up yoga which I’m really enjoying.
I have lost a more weight which I am pleased about but more importantly I do not crave sweet foods anymore, my clothes feel a lot better on me so I guess I am building more muscle and this will be reflected on the scales.
Once again thank you so much Russell for everything, you are amazing😀 ,

More reviews can be viewed on my testimonial pages…

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Media Articles

My work has been featured in a number of media articles and on radio shows. Clients stories of weight loss, hypnotherapy and infertility treatment, alleviating anxiety and depression, lifestyle change, and the relevance of hypnotherapy and mind management in the treatment of physical presentations of stress…IBS, psoriasis, eczema have been featured. Below are just some of the printed stories and the audio’s including a very interesting one with myself on Radio City’s Dr Mike show. Please do take time to read and listen to these.

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Featured Testimonials

All of my reviews can be seen on the testimonial pages however a selection are found below...


weight loss therapy

"It’s hard to adequately describe how Russell has helped me. I feel so different now. Before I felt as if I was in a fog, with no way out. Now I feel that I have a clear direction and there is light at the end of the tunnel."


Help with Anxiety

"Russell has helped me physically and mentally through my anxiety and has really changed my life. I am going out with friends and my boyfriend and not having any anxiety attacks."


Life Coaching

"When I came to Russell I was suffering from anxiety on a daily basis, the sessions with Russell really helped me to relax and learn to control my anxiety to a level I can live with,my life is so much better now."

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