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  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Cancer, and The Workplace
    Approximately 39.6% of men and women will be diagnosed with cancer at some point during their lifetimes (National Cancer Institute). It is highly likely therefore that in any workplace someone will be struggling be they employer or employee, and that their struggle has its origins in a cancer diagnosis. A fifth of cancer patients experience post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) a recent Malaysian […]

A Recent Testimonial

Hi Russell,
Just thought I would let you know how I’m doing.
Well I am back on track, going to gym classes and generally building up my fitness levels nicely. I’ve also taken up yoga which I’m really enjoying.
I have lost a more weight which I am pleased about but more importantly I do not crave sweet foods anymore, my clothes feel a lot better on me so I guess I am building more muscle and this will be reflected on the scales.
Once again thank you so much Russell for everything, you are amazing😀 ,

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