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  • personal-developmentThe Paradox of Perfectionism
    Many of my clients are successful in business or in a professional role. Their success can be attributed to their individual characteristics such as being highly motivated, having an eye to detail, and a determination to do the best they can. A healthy level of perfectionism can be a positive and can and typically will contribute to a successful career and life. However I see clients who strive […]

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Russell changed my life after coming to him suffering from crippling anxiety and low mood. I had met counsellors before him but they were not as experienced so Russell really made that difference for me. My life has completely changed I have now returned to work, I have started a new business venture and I look forward to the future now. The key is to find the right professional and I definitely did. My Fiancé and family have seen a real difference in me.

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My most frequent requests are for Weight Loss, Stress, Anxiety & Mood Disorder along with Life Coaching around Lifestyle Issues and Personal Development. However I also offer treatments for phobias, habits and disorders... If you are uncertain if your issue is one that I can help with then call me...

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