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    stress-anxiety-depressionStress Anxiety and Depression are debilitating and can impact negatively on your everyday life. Your personal life, career, and your physical wellbeing can be severely affected. Sometimes people are aware of the cause and source of their distress. It may come from an unhappy relationship, financial pressure, a workplace that is unpleasant. There are many potential ‘negatives’ that can affect us.

    For other people the anxiety and feelings of stress and low mood seem to come from no-where. Why do I feel like this? It’s a common question.

    In therapy we look in the first instance to help you understand and recognise that which is impacting you externally, perhaps in your lifestyle or in a relationship, and to understand any historical aspects in your life that are affecting you. We will explore the thought patterns and belief systems you hold that compromise you.

    By using a combination of counseling, clinical hypnotherapy and mind management techniques we can nurture the self awareness and insights that then allow you to make change. The therapy I offer can help you across a range of issues and challenges:

    Anxiety release and relief; Managing stress; Dealing with work related stress; Coping with Depersonalisation Disorder; Letting go of guilt; Overcoming Hyperventilation; Letting go of negative emotions; Changing negative thinking; Stopping morbid thoughts; Catastrophising; Managing and stopping panic attacks; Dealing with Post Traumatic Stress; Combat Stress; Stopping Nightmares; Physical presentations of stress; Overcome gagging… the list is endless.

    Essentially the therapy is about helping you to make change so that you manage your life and feelings better and you nurture confidence and expectations that are positive and self rewarding. As you make change the unpleasant feelings, impressions and emotions that have made you feel unhappy will lessen. You will begin to define yourself and believe in yourself in a much more positive manner. As you take control the very issues that compromised you lose their power over you and you find yourself coping better and with ease.

    You can be confident of change, confident in yourself.

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