As a therapist I have encountered many clients wanting help in overcoming fears and phobias. Many people would love to expel the fears that can often rule their lives and hypnosis and mind management techniques have been proven to be very successful in helping clients to deal with these challenges. A common aspect of fears and phobias however is that people often feel embarrassed and even ashamed to disclose. Let me tell you I have worked with a wide range of people including high performers who had endured needlessly fears and phobias that are quite typically successfully addressed in therapy. At the end of 2014 I worked with a lady who for all her life had feared the tightness of a blood pressure test around her arm. It prevented her having surgery. She let go of the fear after a number of sessions and was able to go ahead with a simple but needed surgical procedure.


This excerpt from a testimonial from a client who feared flying again shows the merit in therapy:


I was feeling great about going on holiday and very relaxed about the flight. In the morning I was a little anxious but then the taxi driver came to pick us up and I suddenly started to feel better. As we reached the airport I was feeling excited rather than anxious/nauseous as I would have been in the past. I managed to eat a snack at the airport and boarded the plane without event. The following 15 hours of flight went without event and I managed to both get some sleep and eat whilst on the plane. I would not go so far as to say I enjoyed the flight but I was no longer fearful of it.

Our actual holiday was wonderful and we have so many great memories from it. Not once did I feel anxious or nervous about the trip back home and when the day came to fly back the only thing I was feeling was disappointed that it was over so soon. I again boarded the plane and got home without event and am feeling very proud of myself.

Thanks for all your help – I could not have altered my thought processes without you.


The message is clear. Whatever your phobia or fear it can be overcome and consigned to history. I list here a number of commonly presenting fears and phobias. If you do wish to address yours, be it listed here or not contact me.


I have successfully worked with: Agoraphobia; Claustrophobia; Disposaphobia (stop hoarding and end compulsive collecting); Fear of Air Turbulence; Fear of flying; Fear of Anaesthesia and Surgery; Fear of Balloons; Fear of Bees or Wasps; Fear of Being Alone; Fear of Birds; Fear of Blood; Fear of Bodily Functions; Fear of Bodily Hair; Fear of Cats; Fear of Choking; Fear of Clowns; Fear of Commitment; Fear of Conflict; Fear of Criticism; Fear of Crowds; Fear of Death; Fear of Dental Treatment; Fear of Doctors and Dentists; Fear of Dogs; Fear of Driving; Fear of Eating; Fear of Elevators; Fear of Escalators; Fear of Fainting; Fear of Fear; Fear of Germs; Fear of Growing Old; Fear of Heights; Fear of Hospitals; Fear of Injections; Fear of Inserting Contact Lenses; Fear of Internal Examinations; Fear of Intimacy; Fear of Meeting People; Fear of MRI Scans; Fear of Needles; Fear of Pain; Fear of Panic Attacks; Fear of Pregnancy; Fear of Public Toilets; Fear of Rejection; Fear of Spiders; Fear of Technology; Fear of Travelling by Underground/Subway/Metro; Fear of Viral Contamination; Fear of Vomiting; Social Phobia