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    Cognitive Behaviour Therapy is a recognised and valued ‘talking therapy’ offered by the NHS. I do not offer it as prescribed but I do use the principles and theory behind it in an approach called ‘Mind Management’.

    You may recognise that you have thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and behaviours you do not want and wish to address. Often in such circumstances people see a ‘problem’ in themselves. ‘I should be able to cope better’  …. ‘why am I not strong enough?’….’why am I just not right?’….’why cant I stop doing that?’

     Its time to change. Its time to stop sabotaging yourself, blaming yourself. Its time to develop new ways of thinking, believing, feeling and doing. The essence of Mind Management is the shift in thinking that you will make. I will help you understand the relationship between your primitive mind from where self defeating thoughts, feelings and impressions arise, and your modern human mind.

    This relationship between the primitive and the modern mind is crucial if you are to stop those negative automatic thoughts (NAT’s) and to learn new more positive ways of thinking. I will help you adopt techniques that enable and empower you to make the changes you want to make and by combining Mind Management with the other approaches I use like hypnotherapy

    Please do contact me if you wish to learn more and discuss this approach.

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