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    HypnotherapyClinical Hypnotherapy is distinct from that you see on stage. I am trained in a style called ‘Permissive Hypnotherapy’. You can only give your permission if you understand what is being done and why, and in hypnosis, a gentle state of altered consciousness, you remain aware of your surroundings, of what is being said, and you remain in control. In hypnosis you are relaxed and receptive to suggestions given and subconsciously you absorb and retain the suggestions. These suggestions may be around a phobia like fear of flying, or around a habit you wish to change or stop like smoking. Whatever the focus the intent is to help you make changes in hypnosis that you absorb subconsciously and able to use and apply in life.

    I typically use hypnotherapy within my programmes alongside Mind Management / CBT and together my clients find the two approaches work well for them, each approach supporting the other. To further enhance the potential for change I record the hypnotherapy as I do it and you receive the recording as an MP3 file. This provides the option for you to listen in between sessions and to reinforce the change you are making.

    Hypnotherapy can be effective across a wide range of issues including:

    • Weight Loss
    • Anxiety and Stress
    • Phobias
    • Habits and Disorders
    • Confidence Building
    • Procrastination
    • Smoking Cessation

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