Welcome to my Winter 2016 newsletter…



As I come to the year end its time to reflect and to plan for a New Year. 2016 has been somewhat interesting! The year began with a change in Liverpool when I ceased practicing at Liverpool Spire Hospital and moved to the Harley St Clinics Ltd location in Liverpool: Rather plush surroundings at 88 Rodney St! It has been a good move. A city center location is very helpful for clients and I have had a good take up from clients in Liverpool looking to address anxiety, stress, lifestyle issues and some wishing to lose weight. It’s good to practice in a location where other similarly qualified and experienced practitioners are around to talk with and to gather peer support.

Similarly another new location for me has been Fairfield Independent Hospital in Crank just outside St Helens. This is a lovely location where staff are very supportive and helpful and clients have a good positive experience. The hospital has helped me promote my practice on site and on line and in the New Year local media stories are planned. I will be promoting hypnotherapy, counselling and life coaching in 2017 with specialisms in weight loss, emotional well being, and lifestyle issues.

Lastly on the new clinics front I have recently opened a Monday afternoon clinic in Lytham St Anne’s at ‘The Therapy Company’ on Church Road. Again this is a location where other experienced practitioners work and where clients can expect to have a warm welcome and a good experience. I am looking forward to building this clinic up in the new year.

Otherwise on the clinics front Spire Fylde Coast Hospital, Garstang Clinic, and Formby Wellness have been busy successful locations for me and my clients.

In terms of my practice itself I have noted how 2016 has seen me work across a broader range of issues and with a varied client group. Weight loss and the Hypnoband approach has in the past been a prominent part of any clinic. It still is a significant portion of my work but now perhaps more so 40% rather than 80%. I have had clients presenting with work related stress, phobias, relationship issues, addictions and mood disorders amongst other things. The demographics have been variable as well from young people to older, from professional to business… a really broad range.

I think this is where experience and 32 years of practice is relevant. I make a point of stressing I do not offer hypnotherapy, or counselling, or coaching, or mind management techniques alone. Experience allows you to use these therapeutic tools as and when indicated and often alongside each other. This skill set and my background have certainly been relevant to many clients who choose to come and see me in preference to others who might for example define themselves as a ‘hypnotherapist’ alone.

Looking forward to 2017 I see an opportunity to build each practice location. I will be reviewing my programmes and responding to client requests for varied packages of face to face sessions and other support means. Your contributions and ideas are welcome.



The changes of 2016 and work involved in building up new clinics has been ultimately rewarding but has compromised to a degree my activity in terms of these newsletters, my blog posts and my use of social media. However as evidenced by you receiving this I am determined to re-energise and sustain these activities in the coming year and will be keeping you all updated with developments, offers, new programmes, etc.

I also extend an invitation to you to contribute. These newsletters and the blog’s can be a forum we can all benefit from sharing experiences, ideas and information that can help others. Your contributions can be shared to a significant data base and an increasingly strong social media presence. Do get in touch!



My testimonials page has been regularly updated. On this page you can read clients own stories relating to anxiety, weight loss, sports performance, phobias, confidence and other issues. These are invaluable in terms of credibility and for instilling confidence that change is possible.
All future newsletters will feature ‘THIS MONTHS STORY’ starting with this from ‘T’ a 88 Rodney St Client:

”I have a few additional learning needs and Russell gave me a great amount of support in according to my Dyslexia. if needed he would allow me to have additional time in the one to one sessions.
He would let me record the sessions and would email me a summary of each session to help me process the information.

Also, I had telephone support if and when it was needed.

Russell helped me see things from a more positive perspective and given me a new out look on life. He helps you to believe in yourself and to let go of old belief systems which no longer work for you.
He helped me accept and understand my past.

He helped me understand my relationship around food and was even happy to co work with a nutritionist I had been seeing.

He is committed and even tailored the Hypnosis recording in according to my needs so I could make it personal to my belief system.

I highly recommend him and would return if in the future I had any future issues I needed help with.”

Thank you ‘T’.



As referenced in the above testimonial I am happy work alongside other therapists. Working with ‘T’ and having a dialogue with her nutritionist really helped ‘T’ make progress. It also instilled a sense that the help she was getting was ‘joined up’ rather than going down two separate routes. I am also presently in dialogue with a clinical team (Rapid Intervention & Treatment Team) working in a ‘complex needs’ context at Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust. In doing do so safeguarding is addressed as is the regard to indicated practice that’s is considered and complementary to other interventions such as Psychiatry and treatment through medication. This way of working is ingrained is me having practiced for 26 years in social care and the NHS. Multidisciplinary working is often an essential prerequisite to client recovery and an approach I endorse.

Given this I extend an invitation to potential clients and other therapists and clinicians to contact me where appropriate.



I have prepared two audios that you might enjoy and find useful at Christmas. One is a ‘Snowman Relaxation’ which is intended for excitable children and which has in previous years has generated a good response from their parents! The other is around festive eating and enjoying Christmas without over indulging!

If you would like either or both just email me and I will send them to you free of charge!

So finally for 2016, a few thank you’s to Jamie for helping with my website, leaflet ordering, social media etc and to Dawn for her ongoing marketing advice… to Andrew at Fairfield Independent Hospital for all his help and to all the staff and fellow therapists in each location I work in!


Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year.


Russell Hoyles
Lead Practitioner
07921 212728

Russell Hoyles December 2016 Newsletter