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We are built to move. We are designed to be lean and fit. In primitive times self survival and being fit enough to run, to hunt, to attract a mate was vital. As a species its in our DNA.

However in a modern world of easy comfort, availability of food, safe places to live and where lifestyle and demands upon us can compromise our fitness many find inactivity becomes a way of life.

Perhaps you recognise this in yourself?

Well given that you are viewing this page I expect that part of you at least wishes to change. Its time to change because as recent research shows .inactivity kills more than obesity… see my blog

If you are concerned about your health; if you want to look lean and athletic; if you want to simply feel better in yourself then exercise will not only help you feel physically better but mentally so as well.

However the path to fitness can appear daunting. The desire to exercise can be compromised by the ‘hard work’ you anticipate. The hope of achieving fitness and of enjoying exercise can appear a distant dream.

By using mind management and hypnotherapy we can work on how you define yourself and help you construct a positive self image and affirmation to live to. We nurture expectation and confidence that you will achieve and by mental rehearsal we can actually stimulate the neural pathways that lead to you enjoying exercise.

I tailor a motivational programme that takes account of ‘where you are at’ and is sensitive to your needs. By gradually building your self esteem and by setting achievable goals success becomes a way of life. By making exercise a way of life and by achieving great physical and mental fitness you will enter a new phase; a new positive phase that helps you feel good and which serves to promote your health and wellbeing.

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