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Defining something as a ‘habit’ or a ‘disorder’ is not always the easiest thing. How you see it and how you define it may simply be as a ‘problem’ or annoyance but as with fears and phobias no matter what it is, how serious or apparently trivial the main thing is that is bothers you and compromises your happiness and life so its time to address it. Clinical Hypnotherapy can be very effective in using techniques like regression to find and understand how when and where a habit or disorder began. This can be useful in allowing you to make change and to nurture a perspective in the present that is healthy and allows you to ‘let go’ of behaviours and thoughts you would prefer not to have. For some clients suggestion in hypnosis can impact positively and help you leave behind negative habits and behaviours.

Complementing hypnotherapy by in counsel and reflection looking at the emotional machine within, your primitive side, further helps us as we work together to help you take charge and manage those impulses and drives that have been expressed in ways that have harmed you.

So if your looking to address nail-biting, compulsive hair pulling, an eating disorder or any one or more of those I list below you can have confidence in your potential to change.

I offer therapy tailored for you to address the following habits and disorders:

ADHD; Altitude Sickness Relaxation; Anorexia; Anticipatory Nausea; Asperger’s Syndrome; Bladder Control; Enuresis (Bed Wetting Adults and Children); Dissociative Identity Disorder; Dystonia Relaxation; Excessive Burping; Hypersomnia Relaxation; Insomnia; Kleptomania; Knuckle Cracking; Lip Biting New Script; Mind Clutter; Motion Sickness; Mouth and Cheek Biting; Nail Biting; Narcolepsy Relaxation; Nervous Fainting; Nervous Swallowing Relaxation; Nervous Twitch Relaxation; Obsessive Behaviour; Obsessive Compulsive Disorder; Bulimia; Restless Leg Syndrome Relaxation; Rhythmic Body Disorder; Sea Sickness; Shy Bladder; Sleep Walking; Snoring; Eyebrow Pulling; Thumb Sucking; Swallowing Pills with Ease; Teeth Grinding; Tourette Syndrome Relaxation; Trichotillomania – Compulsive Hair Pulling; Unwanted Thoughts; Vertigo

If the habit or disorder you are looking to address is not listed above please do contact me.

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