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‘Hypnotic Gastric Band’, ‘Virtual Gastric Band’, ‘Gastric Band Weight Loss’, ‘The HypnoBand’… these and other similar terms are used to present a concept promoted by some Hypnotherapists whereby suggestion in therapy supposedly leads you to believe that you have had a gastric band fitted. The widely advertised ‘HypnoBand Programme’ of which I am a licenced practitioner is a scripted programme of five sessions which are typically followed to the letter in a ‘one size fits all’ fashion.

However my approach to delivering the HypnoBand Programme is different. Yes I use elements of the ‘HypnoBand’ but only as is indicated for each individual, so I deliver personalised sessions, and in doing so you receive a programme that is tailored to you.

I see the ‘Hypnotic Gastric Band’ as a series of hypnotic and psychological implants that create a metaphoric gastric band. I help you nurture a belief system that you eat less, are full with less food, let go of cravings, and have no need or inclination to snack etc. In short you achieve satisfaction with less food and establish new eating patterns.

In the HypnoBand session itself I lead you through enacting a drama within your mind. This allows the creation of an event and a memory of being in a operating theatre that helps you make change and which supports your new behaviour around food.

We consolidate, look at belief systems and nurturing change in the longer term.

This programme is constructed of 5 face to face sessions.(preceded if you wish by a free no obligation consultation) In the first session ‘formulate’ the pathway of intervention. You are provided with a diary sheets, a ‘changing behaviour exercise’ and additional reading. We also typically begin with an introductory hypnotherapy session. In this programme the 4 subsequent sessions are paced over what is typically two months.

Each session will include an element of reflection and planning forward which determines the nature of the hypnotherapy element and the guidance offered re mind management techniques. The approach is to work with the conscious and subconscious so that the concepts and ideas ‘make sense’ to the whole of you. This enhances your potential to succeed.

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