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IVF can be a stressful process. ‘Trying for a baby’ can be self defeating. A time when hope and disappointment present and where anxiety and joy come along sometimes without apparent reason. This ‘yo yo’ of emotion…a roller coaster if you like, can as research indicates impact on the physical aspect itself. There is a consensual view that being relaxed enhances the prospect of conceiving and of carrying to full term.

My work with the case you can see featured on my media page (or by following this link) illustrates this far better than any words might.

The therapy itself involves a combination of hypnotherapy, counsel, and mind management techniques that in the first instance are around nurturing an ability to relax. Not only does this enhance the chances of conceiving because your body is relaxed but also because you libido is likely to be less compromised by the ‘pressure’ you may be feeling to conceive. Combining this with other treatments like IVF can do nothing but better your prospects.

Should you fall pregnant you may as experience anxiety and stress either due to historical reasons (if for instance you have lost a baby mid term) or simply because the desire to have a baby is so powerful and all consuming. Many factors can impact on you and emotional difficulties may present that support and therapy can alleviate.

The therapy is therefore flexible and ‘borrows’ from a number of approaches as outlined elements that fit you in the moment. It’s a dynamic process and together we navigate a way forward that is tailored for you and responsive to your needs. This following an initial broad formulation / pathway designed after taking a history from you is the correct way to proceed in my view.

The frequency of the contact is determined as we go and some clients do add sessions. There is a good deal of support in between sessions… phone conversation… email… guided reading etc… and as Alison says in her story I will always get back to you if you call.

An initial consultation is conducted on a no obligation basis and is free of charge.

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