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Most of us strive to do the best we can in our close relationships. Relationships offer the potential for happiness, self actualisation, belonging, companionship, and love. However they also invite into our lives confusion, frustration, sadness, and even the potential for plain bad things. Most of us have had times in our lives when a relationship has had us bemused, at a loss, and wondering just how things got so difficult and unrewarding. The nature of our emotional experience at these times will be influenced by who we are dealing with; a friend; a parent; a sibling; our own children; a lover; or even a boss or neighbour.

However it is possible to learn to understand the processes and patterns at work and to thereafter take steps to either change and mend the relationship or to make a decision to walk away. With help you can recognise the dynamics at play within a relationship and manage the way you think, feel, and behave. You can learn to understand those around you better and to let go of unhelpful judgements and perceived threats. You can learn to avoid acting out and behaving in ways that cause damage to a relationship when intense situations arise.

Often the key lies in understanding firstly yourself and your own personality, and to be aware of how you are wired to think, feel and behave. This will provide you with an opportunity to make change if you want to. You can also learn to understand better the people you are in relationships with and in doing so let go of frustration as once you understand how people with different personality types perceive the world, experience emotions, and cope with emotions, even their most bewildering behaviour can be seen to make sense. This does not mean you accept the unacceptable but understanding will enable you to make decisions about your future.

I work with many clients addressing relationship issues: Attracting a partner; Attachment Issues; Abandonment; Co-Dependency; Coping with Caring; Cyber Cheating; Dealing with Divorce; Emotional Security; Emotional Coldness; Empty Nest Syndrome; Ending Relationships; Ending Abusive Relationships; Forgetting Ex Lovers; Illicit Love; Affairs; Insecurity; Moving on in a Relationship; Overcoming Marital Abuse; Possessiveness; Promiscuity; Rebuilding Trust; Relationship Addiction; Cheating; Stopping Controlling; Unrequited Love; Unresponsive Partners….

If you wish to discuss any of these or others not referenced contact me for a confidential discussion and/or initial consultation.

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