As I come to the year end its time to reflect and to plan for a New Year. 2016 has been somewhat interesting! The year began with a change in Liverpool when I ceased practising at Liverpool Spire Hospital and moved to the Harley St Clinics Ltd clinic in Liverpool: Rather plush surroundings at 88 Rodney St! It has been a good move. A city centre location is very helpful for clients and I have had a good take up from clients in Liverpool looking to address anxiety, stress, lifestyle issues and some wishing to lose weight. Its good to practice in a location where other similarly qualified and experienced practitioners are around to talk with and to gather peer support.

Similarly another new location for me has been Fairfield Independent Hospital in Crank just outside St Helens. This is a lovely location where staff are very supportive and helpful and clients have a good positive experience. The hospital has helped me promote my practice on site and on line and in the New Year local media stories are planned. I will be promoting hypnotherapy, counselling and life coaching in 2017 with specialisms in weight loss, emotional well being, and lifestyle issues.

Lastly on the new clinics front I have recently opened a Monday afternoon clinic in Lytham St Anne’s at ‘The Therapy Company’ on Church Road. Again this is a location where other experienced practitioners work and where clients can expect to have a warm welcome and a good experience. I am looking forward to building this clinic up in the new year.

Otherwise on the clinics front Spire Fylde Coast Hospital, Garstang Clinic, and Formby Wellness have been busy successful locations for me and my clients.

In terms of my practice itself I have noted how 2016 has seen me work across a broader range of issues and with a varied client group. Weight loss and the hypnoband approach has in the past been a prominent part of any clinic. It still is a significant portion of my work but now perhaps more so 40% rather than 80%. I have had clients presenting with work related stress, phobias, relationship issues, addictions and mood disorders amongst other things. The demographics have been variable as well from young people to older, from professional to business, ….. a really broad range.

I think this is where experience and 32 years of practice is relevant. I make a point of stressing I do not offer hypnotherapy, or counselling, or coaching, or mind management techniques alone. Experience allows you to use these therapeutic tools as and when indicated and often alongside each other. This skill set and my background have certainly been relevant to many clients who choose to come and see me in preference to others who might for example define themselves as a ‘hypnotherapist’ alone.

So for 2017…. Well I am looking at some further professional development and to sustain a good level of practice and thriving clinics. I am looking to continue the effective work that is referenced on my testimonials page I am also looking to develop my skills in using social media and platforms such as this blog and twitter to let people know what I am up to.

Finally I want to invite you to contribute. Write to me if you wish to post a blog or contribute to a forthcoming newsletter.


Looking Back at 2016… a year of change!