Ramblings of a Hypnotherapist 03/07/2013

So busy! What a wonderful job! Working as a Hypnotherapist brings me into contact with lots of lovely happy clients and nice colleagues. They say never look back but just occasionally I do think about life within health and social services and the endless change, endless tick box assessments and the prioritising of stats over client care… and you know what I know for certain I did the right thing!

Now with new clinics opening in Formby & Lytham and with the new cancer therapy to complement the other work I am doing it’s a good place to be!

Just one problem! I keep planning to have days off but never seem to quite make it …’physician heal thyself’ comes to mind! But what do you do if you like what you do?! The gym is my solace… the place where the phone is off, and where I totally chill!

Bye for now!


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Ramblings of a Hypnotherapist 03/07/2013